About Us

ELAN Accounting and Tax Advisory is a company specialized in providing services in the areas of Financial and Analytical Accounting, Salary Processing and Accounting and Tax Consulting.

We bet on a relationship of proximity, thus enabling our customers to grow their business in a continuous and sustained manner.
We intend to be an organization attentive to the reality of companies, distinguished by the excellence and quality of the services rendered and that seeks, at every moment, to create value to its customers.
We support our clients in the management of their businesses, through the provision of differentiated services and solutions that promote the excellence of financial information and the improvement of decision-making processes.
We believe we can play a decisive role in ensuring sustainability and supporting the growth of our customers’ business.
Quality, proximity to the client and professional secrecy are the bases for our mission.
We are committed to continuous training and we remain vigilant. We generate innovative ideas with the ability to find creative and competent customer solutions.