Each company deserves a personalized treatment of its fiscal strategies, its fiscal calendar and its accounting. Our technical accounting services include:

    Assumption of legal responsibility, as Certified Accountant, for technical regularity in accounting and tax areas;
    Planning, organization and coordination of accounting performance according to the accounting standardization system, respecting the legal norms and accounting principles in force;
    Organization of the annual work plan on accounting and tax declaratory obligations, through the careful fulfillment of a Fiscal Calendar;
    Opening of the Chart of Accounts;
    Third-Party Accounts Plan;
    Planning, organization, conference, analysis, classification and launch of documentation supporting accounting for operations journals;
    Reconciliation of current balance sheet accounts;
    Fiscal and Analytical balance sheets;
    Bank Reconciliation;
    Control of property, plant and equipment / tangible fixed assets;
    List of transaction logs and their balance sheets;
    Exploration Maps – Customer Information for your business;
    General reconciliation of accounts and verification of the consistency of the nature of balances;
    Revision of property, plant and equipment and preparation of maps of depreciation, capital gains and losses, revaluations, etc .;
    Check Balances;
    Rectification / adjustment / adjustment of accounts;
    Closing Balance Sheet;
    Results Clearance Launches;
    Establishment of the Fiscal Dossier: Preparation and signature of the accounts documents, namely the balance sheet, the demonstration of results by nature, the income statement by function, the statement of changes in equity, the statement of cash flows and the annex Accordance with NCRF 1.