Management and Labor Assessorship

ELAN is committed to the management of all labor matters, while at the same time obtaining the best advice to optimize and save on the human resources structure of your Company.

Our services involve permanent and continuous support, in the three moments of the working relationship:

This presupposes our intervention, when requested, in the following matters, among others:

  • Contracts and respective terminations;
  • Work schedules, holidays and extra work (Maps);
  • Professional categories and suitability for functions;
  • Remuneration (fixed and variable);
  • Conflict management and elaboration of disciplinary processes;
  • Permanent clarification of doubts in labor, tax and contractual matters;
  • Elaboration of the Internal Regulation.

From the above, it is our responsibility to:

  1. Analysis and verification of the administrative and legal compliance of the individual workers’ register;
  2. Mandatory written information to be given to workers on working conditions;
  3. Analysis and verification of the administrative and legal framework of professional categories and remunerations;
  4. Verification of compliance with the norms of Organization of occupational safety and health activities;
  5. Preparation and maintenance of the exhaustive dossier of labor legislation applicable to the Company (Law, Collective Labor Agreement, etc.).

Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals specialized in each of the different disciplines of Labor Law and Social Security, Tax Law and also Pharmaceutical Law.

We bet on a rigorous service, because the services of management and labor advice must be integrated and must be specialized. The vast majority of problems stemming from labor disputes can be avoided thanks to an excellent partnership.

The services presented are guidelines and do not exclude a study of the Company in particular.Considering the needs and the current reality of the companies, this service is an added value for the same and allows the qualification and development of the resources and, in this way, guarantees a sustainable competitive advantage.

A strategically well-defined management of your company’s human resources is based on the competence and competitiveness of the surrounding environment defined by business management. As such, the requirements must be equated to ensure high yields at low costs.

Accordingly, meeting the new market requirements without suffering negative impacts caused by the global increase in price competitiveness, technological changes and changes in labor matters are the corollary of business success.

Ask us for a proposal: we will present you a detailed offer of services without any commitment, as well as adapt your needs to the fulfillment of your goals.