About Us

Grupo ELAN is a project led by professionals in areas as distinct as related. It is a project that counts on the permanent collaboration of professionals in the areas of Human Resources, Law, Psychology, Management and Accounting, working in a context of outsourcing with companies.


The Grupo ELAN’s mission is to provide companies with competency tools that enhance the development of profitability indices, whether in fixed and variable costs or in the resolution of all labor and / or tax problems, the performance of workers and the organization As elements of success, and create a set of services that enhance the success of any business.


In the context of the development of our activity these are the values ​​on which we support and contribute to guide our conduct:


We seek to ensure that our actions are in line with the principle of commitment and responsibility, with the tasks entrusted to us and with the utmost commitment. It is the responsibility of ELAN to guarantee the achievement of the objectives that are proposed to us.

Trust and Credibility

The experience of the professionals that integrate and collaborate in ELAN identifies itself as experienced professionals, worthy of credit and trust. We guarantee rigor and reliability in all that is entrusted to us.


We carry out our activity according to high quality standards, based on learning through experience and continuous updating of our knowledge, seeking to exceed the expectation of the Client and other interested parties.


The cooperation among the members of our team allows us to generate internal synergies that translate into added value in each service we provide. Strategic cooperation and partnership development allow us to integrate knowledge and ensure the success of each mission.