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These are typically low demand months. But the boom of Portuguese tourism nor the low season escapes. More than two million tourists were housed in Portuguese hotels between January and February 2017. This is an increase of 11% over the same period in 2016, according to INE figures, which had already registered a notable growth

Accounting and Tax advice
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Taxpayers’ marital status may influence the delivery of the IRS. It all depends on the date the change occurs.   Marriage If you are married in 2016, you can decide whether you want to surrender the IRS separately or together this year. By default, the scheme which AT considers first is always that of separate

Accounting and Tax advice
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How can we ensure that our best professionals choose to stay in our organization longer and more committed? How to deal with this new generation that fits its professional component into a more comprehensive whole, namely with regard to the family environment, the extended concept of quality of life and even in terms of personal

Human Resources Consulting
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