Human Resources Consulting

Administrative management:

    Free and permanent advice to clients through a consultant in Human Resources Management;
    Free and permanent auditing of clients in matters related to the fulfillment of administrative obligations;
    Management of fixed-term work contracts – support in contracting and termination of contracts;
    Management of change of categories and remunerations according to collective labor regulation instrument (company agreement, collective bargaining agreement);
    Conflict management – immediate support to clients in resolving labor disputes;
    Permanent and updated information on labor legislation;
    Elaboration of Internal Regulations;
    Advice, prevention and opinions of labor and fiscal framework;
    Efficient and timely fiscal follow-up expressed in the elimination of present and future risks;
    Systematic review of compensation and compensation projects;

This way, ELAN Consultoria em RH provides:

  1. Diagnosis, identification of risks and proposal of strategic solutions, against the fulfillment of administrative and legal obligations;
  2. Specialized technical support, in the clarification of doubts associated with the day-to-day management of human resources, with labor law framework, on processing of remunerations, working hours, vacation entitlement, among others;
  3. Mediation of labor conflicts, representing the client in difficult situations and conflict, and advising on the best strategy of problem solving, observing legal norms, and also attending behavioral and relational patterns;
  4. Collaboration in the control of the management of labor contracts, from admission to departure, advising on the possible options for each situation;
  5. Sending information circulars so that you are always aware of the latest changes in human resources and remind you of obligations to be fulfilled.

This service allows your company to focus on its activity, and benefit from a support and security system. We are at your side, at all times, to obtain a more effective management of Human Resources.

Qualitative Management:

    Free and permanent advice to clients through a consultant in Human Resources Management;
    Recruitment and selection through a Psychologist;
    Function analysis – we advise the organization to work according to the needs and context in which our client’s activity is developed;
    Performance Evaluation – We thoroughly analyze the individual contribution of each employee to the overall performance of our Customer.