Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment of candidates is carried out through various means and processes, making it possible to find the most suitable professionals for the company, namely:

Identification and direct contact with suitable candidates;

Search and contact candidates through advertisements in specialty magazines, newspapers, internet portals, among others;

Use of internal and external databases;

Use of existing contacts with sectoral associations, professional associations, universities and student associations.

In the processes of evaluation and selection of candidates we propose to the Client:

  1. Reception and screening of applications using predefined criteria
  2. Preparation of a report on applications
  3. Sending a response to unselected candidates
  4. Conducting first interviews to determine the profile of candidates
  5. Conducting psychological assessment tests, if necessary
  6. Conducting a Assessment Center
  7. Conduct second detailed interviews to determine personality
  8. Evaluation and selection of the most suitable candidates for the final phase
  9. Answer by a letter of refusal to candidates not selected for the final phase
  10. Preparation of an individual report on each candidate of the final phase
  11. Presentation of final candidates and discussion of results with the company