Portuguese tax law is constantly changing and it becomes increasingly necessary to turn to specialist professionals to help you make better decisions for your business. In this way, our services include:

    Submitting IRC Income Statement – Model 22
    Sending IRS Income Statement – Model 3
    Submission of IES / DA Declaration and Annexes
    Clearance of taxes due, completion, validation, signature and submission of declarations legally owed to the Tax and Customs Authority in matters of Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Individual Income Tax and Stamp Duty;
    Completion, organization, signature and, as the case may be, submission of other declaratory obligations to the Tax and Customs Authority resulting from the Client’s activity;
    Tax advice
    Calculation of payment by account and special payment by account.
    Fiscal planning and taxation of taxpayers;
    Comprehensive monitoring of all company obligations;
    Obtaining a declaration of non-debt to the Tax Authority;
    Obtaining a declaration of non-debt to Social Security;